H.J.G part 2of 3

Harrison James Gilmour was born at 1.37am on the 28/12/14 and he weighed 250g.

Much of the surprise was taken away from myself and Jen as we knew Harrison would be born on the 27th or 28th, as the process we had to go through was very drawn out or so we felt at the time.

As I have mentioned in my last blog Jen and me had worked very hard to make xmas for both the kids the best they had ever had and Jen had been planning since the very first weeks we had moved down to Hull.  As Jen would have to give birth to Harrison she would have to be induced and go through a labour but it would not be as painful.  “I now know this not to be true!”  We decided to go back to the hospital on Christmas day evening about 19.00hours this was so the kids would be in bed and not ask the questions that would upset them or us.

We had been told what would happen and it should all be very straight forward “it was”.  But when driving down I REALY FELT I was going into the unknown.  We got to the ward after getting lost 1st time around and buzzed in.  We were treated by a lovely midwife who took us down to ward Jen would be having the tablet to get the ball rolling.  We sat and talked and asked any and all questions until we had none left, Jen took the pill then had to wait 30mins to check she was ok, which she was and we came home and would go back in on Saturday 27th from 19.00 onwards, were Jen would have a tablet once every 6 hours until Baby was with us.

The next two days were the longest days of my life as I wanted all this to be over but knew by wanting this all over would mean only one outcome.  We had lots of family over to the house and it was great to feel close to both sides of the families as it felt like we had a really unity in such dismay.

3 xmas dinners eaten and Jen had pains.  We both knew this was the beginning so rang the hospital and went down to the ward we have visited the previous day.   It was a lovely room with lots of space and a pull out couch.  Jen had two midwifes looking after her again they were fantastic and ensured we had everything we could possibly need.

4 hours passed and 4 episodes of Waterloo road watched but I can’t remember anything of what happened my only thought was on getting myself, Jen home safely.  19.30 came and Jen had the 1 tablet to endure her.  One little white tablet under the back of Jens tongue then just sitting and waiting.

Mum and Jens Mum Amanda  came to check on us about 20.00 and what happened was hey stayed with us both until Jen gave birth.  In the hours we spent together we laughed and cried and put the world to rights.  Jen told me off for not talking a lot and in all honesty if I had tried to talk I would have just cried and I wanted to be Jens rock but I had no control and could make no difference to how fast or slow things would and could happen.

One funny moment I will share with everyone is when after standing for a few hours I was holding Jens hand tight and Jen was in and out of being awake.  I decided to kneel down Amanda came over with a pillow so it was better on my knees lol.  Seconds later Jen opened her eyes looked at me and shouted “yes ! YEs!, YES!! I will”  behind me all I could hear was laughing from around the room.  Let me say now if I could have I would have asked the question already.

Like I said at the beginning Harrison James was born 1.37am, weighed just 250g and was the size of my hand.  It was the happiest sad moment of my life if that makes sense………..


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