H.J.G part 3 of 3

Here we both were with Harrison in my arms all 250g of him.  I thought I would be in floods of tears but I felt very calm and at peace and upon thinking about it I was so happy that I could finally see and hold him in my arms and I knew I would have to make the most of it as we only had limited time but there was no rush but we were told that he would start to deteriorate quickly.

Jen had brought with her Harrisons first outfit and hat witch we both new would not fit and be far to big for him “lol they were” Harrison was so small that in the end both the Mums placed him into his hat and he looked confine and settled.

After the Mums had gone about 3am Jen was fast asleep after giving birth.   I just sat and watched him and what did bring a smile to my face was the fact that he slept just like Jen and the two kids “ with there moths as wide open as they could have them ha ha”

We both had sleep for a few hours on the pull out bed which I can only describe as “a back breaker” but never the less we all slept as a family for the first and last time.  I woke up to a really sunny morning with the sun shining bright thew are window.  We made some decisions that we would not have a PM as the midwifes had told us that they think there had been a placenta abruption witch can happen to anyone at any time.  This was upsetting but better than some of the reasons we had maybe thought had happened.  We also choose to have him blessed witch was really nice and also I felt that no matter were he was going he went with everything he would need.  I did also tell him not to listen to my Pap and that Liverpool FC was the only football team he need to love, none of this Everton FC rubbish.

As with anything like this we could have stayed for 18 years and more just looking at him and being with him.  This is the worse part of the whole F****** thing but we had each other and we tucked him in with his blanket and as mum still does with him I put some star dust in his eyes and a rub on his head and said goodbye and see you later.

One of the we both want to do is do something in Harrison’s name as he was not able to achieve this. What we did receive was a memory box which was donated to the hospital by a Abbie’s fund.  It has brought us a lot of comfort to us both.

If you would like to help you raise money for this touching corse then LIKE Blissful baby gifts on Facebook or take a look at http://www.blissfulbabygifts.com were you can find all the details or you can privet message us.

We are at the point were the kids go back to school and I start my new job.  Life is now returning to what we would call normal.  Harrison has  brought all of are families together and changed my life forever with out even knowing it.

I don’t know about anyone else but I think thats amazing!
Harrison James Gilmour

“Our amazing boy”

Love you forever and a day



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